Folder permissions question (Rx 5.7)

I have 2 folders in a site with identical security permissions one of which can have its properties edited by a particular user and another which can’t. I have unset and then reset folder cacheing (which we know can cause folder properties to be greyed out and uneditable) to no avail.

If I look at all the references in the backend database to these items the columns show identical values.

Anywhere else I can look to make the folder editable by this user?

What’s in the PSX_OBJECTACL table for those folders? Select on CONTENTID column where the content id = folder id.

These are the entries…

contentid 26216 is editable 42059 is not

content id
26216 1 14032 2 Everyone 3
26216 1 14031 0 user1 7
26216 1 14033 0 user2 7
26216 1 14034 1 user3 7

42059 1 33282 2 Everyone 3
42059 1 33281 0 user1 7
42059 1 33283 0 iser2 7
42059 1 33284 1 user3 7

The user experiencing the difficulty is not one of the 3 users listed in the acls

Something doesn’t add up here.

“Admin” permission (the “7” in the last column) is required to edit folder properties. In this example, only those 3 user should be able to edit folder properties.

Are those the real names? (or did you clean up the data?) what’s “iser2” ?

yes the user names are changed and it should say user in each case (iser is a typo).

the user who can access the properties of one folder but not the other is not specified in the acl for either folder. In essence we only need the people in the communities associated with the content in these folders to be able to change folder properties in the containing folders (although obviously folders are not associated with communities). What seems to happen is that if you are the creator of a folder you can edit the properties if someone else created it (albeit in the same community) you cannot.

Hope that helps.