Folder Permissions Problem

I have this arrangement:

Assets > folder > folder > widget

The person has permissions to the first two folders - yet the widget will not let him edit it.

Hey Debbie,

In your outline, does “widget” refer to an asset file in your asset library? If so, how is your user attempting to edit the asset – are they accessing it directly through the asset library, or through a page which is using the asset? What role is this user in (Contributor, Editor, etc.), and what workflow state is the asset in (Draft, Pending, etc.)? Thanks!

I’m redoing the workflow but can I ask - does status affect these?

Hey Debbie,

Yes, your content’s status will directly correlate to your workflow configuration. This help article gives a very good rundown on how workflow roles relate to page and asset statuses:

Did the department with this issue share with you the message CM1 gave them when they tried to delete this asset? Note that workflow rules apply to deleting content as well as editing, so for example if the user is a contributor, they won’t be able to delete an asset that is Pending, etc.

They are creating CSS files to test. She created one a moment ago (Editor) and was unable to delete it. When I selected it to Edit it indicated she had it open and I had to override. It was in Draft mode. Do you think they are simply not saving and closing?

Ah, that would make sense.

The workflows for each specific site are helping a great deal, I’m guessing I simply need to stress certain things at my training.

One last question > when a person does select EDIT > this means the page is checked out. What is the proper way to close it but not send it forward? I have been saying “Resubmit”.

Good question. Actually, you would want to simply hit the “Close” button next to the “Submit” button, which will leave the page in it’s current state and ensure that other users can edit the page.

Here is another issue.

The Contributors are trying to press SUBMIT , and when they do, the item is coming to me and not to the Editor.

I’m not sure what the check mark at the end of Notify means.

For example:


Contributor can Submit and I have Notify checked. Does this mean the Editor then gets notified?

Do I keep Admin checked or unchecked?

I have Editor checked for Submit, Approve and Notify.

The Notify check-box notifies users of the associated role when a page has been put into that particular workflow state.

For example, if you have Notify checked for Editors when configuring the Review workflow state, when Contributors Submit content from Draft – pushing the page into the Review workflow state – your Editor will get notified based on this rule.

Having notify checked for the Draft workflow state will mean that users of the associated role will get notified whenever a new page is created.

Keeping Admin checked or un-checked for the notify feature is up to you. You might find that you (and any other site Admins in CM1) get swamped with a lot of notifications is you do have this checked.

Oh I understand now.

I only want to be notified when the Editor approves so I’m guessing then I have Notify on for the APPROVED panel - and only me

Because the Editor Approved and it’s then going to me - via means of this notification?

Yep, that’s exactly it.

My workflow still refuses to work for me.

I have three in it.


The Contributor does edits > hits submit
The Editor receives an email indicating they have something to review
The Editor then can reject or edit and finally hits Approve (approve or submit?)
This this goes onto the Administrator for approval and publication.

I can get things to go to the Editor from the Contributor but nothing to go to the Admin less it also goes to the Editor.

Can you help me with this?

Hi Debbie,

That’s actually how the default workflow is supposed to behave, unless I’m misunderstanding the behavior you’re explaining. If you want your users to be able to directly Approve pages from the Draft state, I would just set them up as Editors, who by default already have the ability to create Draft pages and Approve them.

When I have it in the default flow - I receive things as Admin vice the Editor.

I’m trying to redo it but I can’t seem to get the flow where I am notified when the Editor goes in to do drafts.

I can’t sent them all up as Editors because they want an approval process and I need one before I publish the items.

Again, I might be misunderstanding what you’re looking to do, but if you want to configure it so that you (as an Admin) receive notifications when an Editor Approves a page, then simply open the Approved workflow step configuration and check off the Notify button next to the Admin role. Is this what you have done – or attempted to do – and it’s not working for you?

Correct It’s not working - here is what I have:

ADMIN Submit - Approve - Publish
Test-Contributor- Submit - Notify
Test-Editor - Submit - Approve - Notify

ADMIN Submit - Approve - Publish
Test-Editor Reject-Approve-Notify

Admin - Submit - Approve - Pubish - Notify
Test-Editor: Resubit - Approve - Notify

Okay, thanks, I understand now. You have multiple workflows setup, correct? If so, make sure the Admin role is setup to receive notifications for the Approved workflow state for ALL of your workflows, not just the Default Workflow. Additionally, make sure your Admin user has a valid email addressed associated with its profile, and that the notifications is not being blocked by a spam filter.

If you’ve confirmed all this and you’re still not receiving notifications, I see that you’ve already filed a support ticket for this, so we can use that to take this offline and investigate this as a potential system issue if need be.

I’m still not getting notifications once the Editor does their approval.

But I do thank you for your continued patience. It is very much appreciated.

For other customers with similar issues, we have taken this problem offline and are currently investigating this as a bug with the system. I will certainly keep this topic updated as we work towards a solution.