Firefox Bulk Upload bug

I have received few calls from my clients regarding using Firefox browser. Who knows how many FF users are out there but this one caught my attention. See screenshot. Hope this helps. I urged them to use Chrome from now on.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your post. I would recommend updating to the latest version of Firefox. This gadget also uses Adobe Flash, so it would be recommended to update this as well. Thanks very much, and let us know if this resolves the issue.

Chris W

Thank you. That made sense. As you know, we are moving away from obsolete flash plugin. I would strongly recommend using jQuery. Here’s the best one that does drag n drop files…

Also, I would advise adding error message “Your flash plugin is missing, please update” in red color just above bulk upload title or something. That way, you don’t leave users out in the dark.

Just announced today - Mozilla adds every version of Flash to default Firefox blocklist via…

I thought I’d give you guys heads up. It won’t be long until people will get something like this above.

I’m having trouble saving Rich Text Widgets using Firefox (Click save, animated GIF spins forever.)

Seems to coincide with the latest version of Firefox. Google Chrome works just fine.

Hi David,

Sorry to hear you’re seeing this problem.  We haven’t seen this, but if you’d like to investigate this further, you can create a ticket with us by e-mailing

Chris W

@Chris, you’re right in that it’s an isolated issue - some of the Firefox plugins I use for debugging are getting in the way of the Rich Text Widget save script, which coincided with the latest Firefox release. Weird.