Fine Tuning Rhythmyx..


I thought i might start a thread with tips and tricks for getting the best performance out of your Rhythmyx system.

We are currently running with Rx 5.7 . We’re newbies really when it comes to this product but over the last year have fumbled our way into having a working system to provide our business users.

Below are a couple of configuration settings we made in the Server Administrator to improve performance (mostly to publishing). Forgive me if they appear a bit obvious :o

  1. On the Settings|Caching tab ensure Page and Folder caching are enabled. When we enabled this setting our publish times of roughly 40 content items came down from 30mins to just 5!!

  2. If using Directory Sets with AD try using the IP of the domain controller instead of the dns name. This dramatically improved the responsiveness of the system.

We are still looking at ways of improving the performance. Issues we have at the moment are that the java process on the core server seems to be occupying all the processor resources. If anyone else has any tips (no matter how obvious they might seem!) it would be great to hear them!


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