File versions - Can they be excluded during Full Publish?

Does anyone know a way to stop publishing from throwing up all the local revisions? This is starting to take quite a while because of the revisions when performing a Full Publish.

Can you clarify what you mean by publishing “throwing up local revisions”? Publish only will publish the most recently approved version of pages, images and files. I’m not sure what you mean by revisions impacting publish.

For example, every time someone updates the root index page it takes the original, renames it (example: index.aspx.06-02-14 01-08-52). I’m assuming that is how it handles the history for approvals and restores. The problem is that when you do a full publish, it uploads every revision or renamed file along with the ones that should be going “index.aspx”.

Below is an example of the root directory and all the files that are in it after publishing.


This is perplexing because this isn’t how our system works. Revisions are stored in the database, not as files on the file system.  I assume these are the files on the web server. The only thing I can think of is that as we publish, the file system on the web server is creating these pages as backups instead of just overwriting the file. Is this possible?  

That’s what I believe it is doing and is something I want to eliminate. Sounds as if this might need to be a support ticket?


Good morning, I wanted to see if you were still having this problem? If so I wanted to open a support ticket for you and dig deeper into the configuration of Percussion and your publishing server.

This issue was not an issue with Percussion. It was an issue with the FTP Software that we were using. It was not allowing overwrites. Instead it was renaming files. Thank you for your time and interest in this topic. You were correct, Percussion does not do that.