Feature Request: Save and Approve Asset Button

Our team likes to use assets to share content on multiple templates / pages. However, we noticed that doing so requires the asset itself to also be sent to staging via approval before publication (in addition to the page itself). For this reason, we propose the following feature request:

Editing an asset in a page or template will bring up a “Save” button and a “Save and Approve” button, which would effectively eliminate the extra step of separately approving the asset before publishing the page.

What is the likelihood of seeing such functionality in later releases of CM1?

When a page is approved any shared assets on that page are also approved UNLESS the shared asset has a different workflow and the person approving the page does not have access to approve the shared asset.  So really, this is a configuration choice by your organization.  You can set up your workflows such that the shared asset will be approved when the page is approved.  

Good points Dan. I do wonder, though, how much value there is, when editing a shared asset, in Approving the asset without saving it first. Would it make sense to have the default behavior of the Approve button, in this context, always save the asset as well?

I know having the page approval process pick up shared assets as well mitigates this, but I do know of users who have only Approved the shared asset when they should be saving it, which can cause some confusion.

I’ve wondered that myself, Nathaniel. We also have shared assets on all of our templates that take a long time to load up, save, and approve. And our process is this: save (and wait) and approve (and wait). I’d be nice to hit approve knowing that the content would be saved or have an altogether separate “save and approve” button.

(Edited: I’m referring to opening a shared asset itself rather than through a page.)

As far as editing shared assets within a page, however, Dan’s point is new to us. I think, perhaps, we were operating from an older CM1 version mindset still.

Matt, that raises a relevant point, actually. The process Dan outlined only applies to shared assets that are housed on the page level. Template level shared assets still need to be approved manually.

Okay, that makes sense, because we did experience the problem of updating content on the template level, hitting publish, and the content not updating until the asset itself is saved and approved separately.

When laying out content, we’ll have to keep this in mind… Thanks for clarifying.