extensions and resource files

Anyone have any tips on where to put resource files for extensions? I thought they should go into <root>/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/WEB-INF/classes

But my extension doesn’t seem to be picking it up there.


I swear I tried that too. And it doesn’t seem to pick it up there.

… Yep. Just gave it another try just to be sure. No dice. I’ve also tried packaging it in my jar and putting the jar in that lib directory. You would think that because the class loader is picking up the classes in there, it would pick up that file. But no.


The Extension manager has its own classloader. I’ve successfully baked resource files into the JAR (that contains the extension), but I don’t believe that placing files in the normal directories works.

Most of the time, I add things to a server directory (e.g. rx_resources) and then find this file from IPSRhythmyxInfo.getProperty(IPSRhythmyxInfo.Key.ROOT_DIRECTORY)


My problem is that I’m using a library (I’m not the developer of this library) that loads the properties file. I can’t override that stuff. And I just talked to one of the other developers who uses that lib, and it turns out that it doesn’t use the container’s class loader. It likes the system class loader. Is there a directory that belongs to the system JRE, where I can put this properties file and it will be in the system classpath?


What version is this? 6.5.2? If so, try moving the properties file to the \Rhythmyx\bin directory, and if that doesn’t work, the \Rhythmyx\AppServer\bin directory. These directories are not in the classpath, per se, but they are where the server loads from on startup.

Ah… did you provide an extension definition in the extensions.xml file?