Extend the Categories and Autolist features to assets

Currently, only pages can be categorized and be used to create Autolists. It would be great to extend these features to assets as well.

If I could “tag” relevant assets to associate them to a category, it would allow for better content reuse and management. For example, if I have a category “Students/Science”, it would be great if I could tag ALL relevant information including images, videos (assets), in addition to pages. If down the road, someone else is building a page in that category, they can quickly browse through and link to/use all available resources managed in CM1.

An Autolist specifically for the images asset already exists. Extending this functionality to all other asset types would come very handy to build things like lists of upcoming events or a list of relevant documents(files).

If I understand correctly, you’re looking for a File AutoList… right? Also a Flash AutoList, HTML AutoList, RichText Auto List, and SimpleText AutoList .

Those are the only ones I see, as all assets have to be those types upon upload…

Just trying to clarify.

I changed the topic type to an idea for this. There has been talk about having an Asset Auto-List that allows you to list various asset items, but it is not on the road map yet.

Now that this is an idea, though, there can be additional discussion about it.

Mark, I was thinking of something generic for all asset types that will allow you to identify a field to use while generating an Autolist.

Something along these lines:
When I create an asset Autolist,

  1. it will allow me to choose what asset type I want
  2. once I have picked an asset type, it will ask me to specify what field to pull up. (Dropdown based on asset specific fields)
  3. it will ask me to specify the folder location in “Assets” that I want to pull from

For example, if I have a folder of blog assets, I could create a Autolist to pull up the “Blog post title” field of all blog assets in folder A.

I would also REALLY like the ability to add tags & categories to assets, so they can be managed by the blog feature as a library of sorts. This would result in a most valuable feature for my client.