hi all

every time a piece of content is edited and saved, the ephox automatically adds empty paragraph tags at the end which leaves lots of white space in our web pages and breaks our design. our main business user has said that the majority of users are not familiar enough with html to know why this is happening, go into the code view and remove the tags - and that in fact users shouldn’t have to do this.

i quite agree with him and wonder if anyone else has experienced this or knows how to prevent it?


Perhaps you could arrange to trade your excess p-tags with MarkMoxon?

Bonus points for Andrew for a witty remark first thing in the am on a Friday.

I seem to remember the issue you’re reporting being a bug early on in the life of Rx 6.x.

What version of Rx are you using?
What Rx patch level are you currently on?
What version of Ephox are you using?

I’m in the UK, so I’d already had several cups of coffee by then.

Thinking back, we did have this problem before moving to Ephox Now it seems to enclose things in pointless (but ignorable via CSS) div-tags (not talking about the divs enclosing inline variants, just around ordinary static content.)

thanks for giggle andrew - has brightened up my morning! ;O)

we are using 5.7 still - tech support have confirmed that it was a bug that was fixed in 6.? - not sure where that leaves our users, or the rubbish display of our website!