Ephox/inline variant question

Rx 5.71 - Ephox

This may be some customisation of our own - I don’t know… but one of the biggest user complaints at the moment for us is that when there are a number of inline variants in a rich text field the user has no way of inserting a new variant between existing variants in design mode; they have to go into the daunting world (for many of them) of code view and do it.

Can anyone help?


If you right click on an inline variant do you get options to “Insert <p> tags above/below” the variant? If not, maybe this feature (which in a new install is implemented through your elj-config.xml and some javascript in the rx_resources\ephox directory I believe) can be added into your environment.

I’d be tempted to compare the elj-config.xml file that you use in your instance of your content editor (you may well have a custom XML file (or files) for your implementation) to the one in the sys_resources directory.

Hope this helps.

Hi David,

See I’m no longer writing you off :smiley:

Andrew here says it is specifically when the variants are inside bulleted lists in that you can insert abobe or below the list but not inside the list (lists seem to be the standard way most users even out the spacing between variants).

We have had this problem too, and in the end we created a “LinkList” content type that has a list of items (link templates mainly) in a slot and outputs them in a bulleted list, which got around the Ephox problem.

However, as this is a commonly used scenario, could Percussion and Ephox not get their collective heads together to facilitate setting up bulleted lists of snippets directly in Ephox? I know it is the wrapping DIVs in the templates that cause the problem, but there must be some way to do this WITHOUT having to create a specific content type for the same purpose.


that’s an interesting workaround which we might try.

There is a patch available that handles this issue…you might need to upgrade Ephox…contact your friendly technical support rep…