Ephox EditLive! version 6.4

I would like to get the EditLive! version 6.4 working in my Rhythmyx 6.5.2 environment. Is there a patch available for this?

We plan to upgrade to EditLive version 6.4 in the next version of Rhythmyx (6.6). In the meantime, we are testing Rhythmyx 6.5.2 with EditLive 6.4 with the goal of releasing an upgrade kit for 6.5.2, however we have come across several issues that we are working with Ephox to resolve. It’s not clear at this time how long this process will take.

I see. I would greatly appreciate any information as soon as it is available. It appears that this version will fix several issues that we are dealing with currently. Thanks for any help.

Does anyone know what version of ephox editlive is shipping with version 6.6?

We are actually shipping Ephox EditLive version with Rhythmyx 6.6