Ephox Coding Format

Is it possible to have code entered via Ephox maintain the pagination shown in the ephox editor code view (especially line feeds and carriage returns) or are we always going to see a blob of code planted in the published source code view.

We are noting issues in IE 7, FF 3.0 when using lists. As a result of not keeping pagination css bulleting is not working correctly.

We are using rhythmyx 6.5.2.

This cannot be controlled as the code is going through a cleanup process whenever the view mode is switched or insert/update is pressed.

Is there really no way to preserve line breaks in fields? The consequence of this being that each field is published out on one single line in the html?

This is causing real issues on a build where we are publishing to JSP files, as apparantly when these are compiled they are done line by line, and so it’s throwing a “constant string too long” exception when it comes to try and process the line with the body field.

Are there any suggested work arounds?

Since it is running through tidy, you might be able to set the wrap property to be some value not 0…say 72 (in /RXROOT/rxW2Ktidy.properties file).


I haven’t tried it out so I don’t know if it works or not…just a thought though.

Thanks very much for this, that setting looks like it may be just what I need, but I have tried changing it through the workbench (System Design->Configuration) and in the file suggested in the other post, and neither have had any affect. I also tried a restart of the service after each.

Am I missing something as to how I should be updating Tidy settings?