ephox and forms


I have a content item where the body field (ephox) contains a standard form tag. If I edit the item in IE, when clicking on the pencil on the right hand side the control does not load properly and you are unable to edit the content.

I can open the same content item in Firefox, click on the pencil and the control loads with the content but when i view the source of the body field the form tag has been removed.

Are there any known issues with forms and ephox(6.3.1)?

Are there any workarounds?

Rhythmyx 6.5.2


Hi James,
We had the same question, since we use a simple drop down with onChange action to anchor to different sections of the page.
This is the response we got from Percussion:
“Using <Form> within the Ephox EditLive control is not supported because it breaks the control in the manner that you are seeing. This behavior is due to a changes to EditLive by Ephox which address other product issues. The recommended practice for using <form> is very similar to the recommended practice for using script, create your form in a template and then add your template to a slot in the item.”

Hope this helps.

Percussion has a patch for 6.5.2 that allows the <form> tag to exist in an Ephox Field. The problem seems to only occur in IE 7.0.1. I believe the bug tracking number is RX-13084.

I have applied the patch with out any success. I have however discovered that the latest version of Opera for Windows does not have any issues with forms in the editor and it does not remove the form tags. Javascript remains in tacked as well. Not sure why it acts different with the different browsers.