Embedding Auto list functionality in other widgets

Is it possible to embed the file auto list functionality into a jquery ui accordion?


Could you clarify what exactly you would like to do?

You can create a list of files in the Jquery accordion style, but are you wanting to use the auto file list widget to do so?

The short answer is yes. I saw this https://community.percussion.com/t/page-autolist-by-category/1925 and I started to wonder if there was a similar way to script the autolist functionality within the accordion markup in an html widget.

Hi Tola,

If I am understanding your question correctly, you are looking to create a Jquery Accordion and you want to display File Auto List content in each accordion tab?

If that’s the case, this is pretty simple.

For test purposes, you can try this:

  • Open one of your templates (or create a new one) and name one of your regions “accordion”
  • Insert 2 File Auto List Widgets (you can insert more if you like) in that region
  • Go to the Content Tab and populate your File Auto List Widget with content (point them to a folder with files in it)
  • Make sure to assign a “List Title” for each File Auto List Widget you populate (these will become your Accordion header)
  • Go into your Additional Head Content Area in the Metadata Dialog and paste the following script:
<script> <br />
$(document).ready(function() { <br />
  $("#accordion").accordion({header: "div.perc-list-title"}); <br />
  }); <br />

Some Screenshots:

Hope this helps.

Perfect! Thank you both so much.