Elimiate Approve Assets checkbox

Approving Assets -  I think this approved assets checkbox should be eliminated. Make it all auto approve from now on. We get a ton of calls, complaining that their PDF/DOC/IMG are not publishing. They always forget to click the approve assets box, and they find it so difficult to dig through, find the PDF/DOC/IMG and check its status, then open it, edit it and hit approve. Too many steps. 

Thank you.

I train my editors and contributors to think of these extra steps as “checking their work” before it comes to me.  For me, that final step tells me “yes, I want/am authorizing you to approve and publishing this file/image”.

I have a checklist for them to make things  easier  [Recommended Workflow ]

Basically, everything comes down to:  Addition (new) / Change / Deletion.   I have them begin with their images (new - then - changes - then - deletions) and then files  (new - then - changes - then - deletions).  Then everything should be staged, and ready for them to tackle the web pages ( new - then - changes - then - deletions).

It works…  and they submit as the go. 

Any progress on this? 

This is currently logged in our backlog, but has not been planned yet.