Edit Meta-Data suggestions - specifically around Override Post Date

When I click Edit Meta-Data, this is the window (Modal is the technical term, I believe) that pops up:

  1. it appears that a date can be typed into this field (it accepts a cursor and the text can be highlighted) but the text cannot be changed by typing. Allowing the user to type a date in, instead of clicking through the mouse-based calendar, could save a lot of time, in my opinion.

  2. Because of where the override post date section falls on that page, clicking the calendar to edit the date only shows the top section of the calendar

If I scroll down to edit the date, the calendar function closes, requiring an additional click to re-open it once scrolled down enough to hopefully fit in all of the calendar.

It would be nice if it stayed open when scrolling within the Override Post Date window.

  1. The month has a dropdown, the date has a calendar-month to click the appropriate date, the time has sliders to choose a time, but there is no easy way to change the year. I’m migrating old press releases from 2009 and 2008, I have to click the previous month button 36 or 48 times. Would it be possible to get a drop-down for the year?

  2. When choosing a date within the month, the text field above the calendar does not update until you click done. Not a big deal, but can be confusing for users.

  1. If you select a new date & time (in the calendar function) and click Save on the Edit Meta-data Modal, WITHOUT clicking done on the calendar function, it looks to the user like the changes are being saved, but they are not actually saved. Perhaps a warning is needed if date/time info is modified without hitting done but going straight to Save ?

Wow, that’s alot.

To answer at least one point: The field is restricted to only allow calendar selection as the date/time to make it easier to validate the date/time entered into the field.

I think making the year easier to adjust makes sense and am interested in the engineering feedback of some of this.