Easier way to change blog templates OR ability to copy and paste between templates

If I had the ability to copy and paste regions and widgets between templates I wouldn’t really need an easier way to change the blog template.

I originally set up the LIST and POST templates before the layouts were even finished, in order to allow the content managers to begin migrating blog content. After I finalized the design of the LIST template, I attempted to copy it and use a variation of it for the POST pages but learned twas not so easy.

But if I had the ability to grab certain regions & widgets from the LIST template and apply or copy them to the POST template, that would more than satisfy the issue and eliminate the need to change templates.

I would also like the ability to share regions with their contained widgets so I could simply use the same sidebar (for example) in multiple templates without having to recreate the regions.

Oh, I just realized this 2nd idea was already suggested by someone a few months ago and have “liked” change :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this! Not only a great idea, but some insightful feedback into how users are working within CM1.