Duplicate articles appear when I only input it once

When I try to edit content on my site, an article appears twice, however it is only inputted once. There are no duplicates and it looks fine as I edit it within Percussion. But it appears twice externally.

Hi Melissa,

Duplicate entries in your DTS database (which is where the content here is coming from) most often occurs when a live page is renamed or relocated and then republished in CM1. Typically, the system should be able to find and update the original page entry in your DTS database, but I have seen cases like yours here where an entry gets stuck in the system and a duplicate is created.

Can you hover over both links and let me know if the URL is exactly the same? If so, try manually unpublishing this page in CM1 (with the page open for editing, hover over Publishing and select Remove from Site) and then observe whether both links disappear from your site. If they do, manually republish the page (simply reverse the method above) and see if only the one article reference appears.

THANK YOU!! This helped!

Glad to help!