DTS stopped working again

Our DTS is not working right for our blog:

Our server tech reports that the DTS is running, but the blog-list pagination and “Older Post Title” and “Newer…” are not displaying properly, even after a full publish of the site.

This has happened several times over the last few weeks - in the past, we have restarted the DTS, but is there a bigger problem to address?

We are using CM1 v. 3.3.4



Hi Mark,

I recall last time you had this issue it was due to the fact that your DTS connection URL had been set to “hunter02.serverfarm.cornell.edu”, but your server team had recently implemented a redirect rerouting “hunter02.serverfarm.cornell.edu” to “blog.acsf.cornell.edu”.

Now it appears that you have a very similar issue: your DTS connection URL has been set to “blog.acsf.cornell.edu”, but now this host name is being redirected to “www.acsf.cornell.edu”.

Like before, the fix will be to either remove this most recent redirect rule, or reconfigure your DTS connection URL to the new primary hostname of www.acsf.cornell.edu.

Steps to reconfigure your DTS connection URL can be found here:


Essentially you’d be changing your first connection URL property from:




You’ll have to restart Percussion and republish your site for these changes to take effect.

Thanks again - this seems to be resolved!

Take care,


I’m happy to help, Mark!