DST on Tomcat Pub logs

We are running RX 5.6 on our production server, and have just noticed that the timestamp on our publogs have not adjusted to daylight savings time (e.g. they are an hour behind). The timestamps in contentstatus table and on the server are correct. Anyone know if there is a patch or something that we need for tomcat?


“Clients running Rhythmyx versions prior to 6.x must run an update tool from Sun Microsystems to correct the issue.
The update tool from Sun Microsystems applies a DST patch to ensure that the time zone database embedded within your JRE reflects the new U.S. 2007 daylight-saving-time changes (US2007DST). This tool needs to be run on your Rhythmyx server as well as any Rhythmyx publishers that you may have.”

If you contact tech support, they will provide you with the ‘tool’.


Thanks! I will contact them for the patch