Does Percussion compress the image? I think it does but in a bad way

See screenshot attached…

I had no idea Percussion does compression thing, too. Is there a reason why it’s there and how do I disable it? Thank you.

EDIT: The only solution is to go for PNG for now…

I’ve experienced this as well in the past.

Hello Aaron,

I assume this is from an Image Asset?  Can you send us the original image you uploaded into CM1?

Percussion doesn’t compress the image but it will resize if it is cropped and we generate a thumbnail. The image library does require that the image be in web format (not CMYK).  Often times images that weren’t “Export/Save to Web” in Photoshop or Image tool have issues. 



@keith @nate here are two files attached -

gators-bg-aaron.jpg - ( saved as for we b from Photoshop @ 106 KB )

gators-bg-percussion.jpg - (uploaded to Percussion and is now @ 82 KB and more compressed / pixelated )

I prefer my account not to have “compression technology” or disabled it under my account  but fine with other users’ account for “compression technology”.

Here’s ZIP file just in case if community compressed again ;)