Display dead assets

Is there a way to display Dead Assets (not being used at all)? I am hoping that there’d be one in the backend that display all kind of assets whether it’s being used or not so I can clean it up… similar to removing Custom Widgets features in the backend, too.

I know we have “Site Impact” thing in every asset but it’s really time consuming to comb every single one. 

Hello Aaron,

I see you have already seen this Idea “Unused Assets/Pages gadget”:


There is no report in CM1 to see this - but this would be very helpful!  If anyone else would like tgo see this, make sure to visit the post above and add your comments!

I mentioned this post in other post too :wink:

@keith - I was hoping there’s a solution/upcoming update that will search and display entire list of “dead assets” so I can remove it off from CM1. This will also help decrease the full publish time as well. 

Unless there is a “backend” (not in front of CM1) that does display, please do share it here or contact me directly. I really appreciate it. It’s really spring cleaning time… thank you!

There is a report that can be added to your CM1 installation and run for this.  It will pick up all unused Assets including those that are only referenced by Auto Lists - so you still need to make sure that the Assets aren’t being picked up by one of those prior to Archiving them, but the report is helpful as a starting point. 

You can download the report here:


To enable it:

1.) Copy the jsp file to the AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/test folder. 
2.) Access it via the web browser:  


A CSV file will be downloading listing unused Assets in the system.

This report will be included in a future update. 


If you have previously downloaded this utility, it has been updated and should be downloaded again.  A defect was corrected where the report was crashing when it encountered an Asset that did not live in a folder. 


Update works. Thank you Nate.

What happened to ‘This report will be included in a future update.’?

Hi Lloyd,

I’ll take a look, it may have been added to the 5.4 stream and not the 5.3 Patch stream.