Different Publishing Schedules for different site sections

Can CM1 be configured to publish on different schedules to different sections of my site?
ie) Hourly to www.domain.com/SectionA and Daily to www.domain.com/SectionB ?

CM1 supports scheduled publishing of pages and assets, or publishing pages, assets, and the entire site on demand. It does not allow the scheduled publishing of whole folders, sections, or the entire site at this time. There are, however, future plans to expand some of the publishing options available.

For more information on the current settings and options for publishing in CM1, please see the following links:

It’s been quite a long time since this original post and answer, yet it appears there are still no scheduling options for full site or incremental publish. Does anyone have updated information on if/when this functionality will be implemented?

Due to the way publish on demand works, there are some anomalies that can occur so I’ve been advised to regularly run incremental and/or full site publishes. Since running regular incremental/full site publishes is a known thing it seems to be a perfectly suited requirement for scheduled publishing of the entire site so I’m confused why this has not yet been implemented. Is this not a hassle for admins to have to repeatedly perform something that could and should be set on an automated schedule?

Hi Mark! Did you ever receive a response to your question? We are still new to CM1 and facing the challenge of scheduling multiple sites to publish. All info is welcomed.

I’ve heard nothing thus far.

Thanks for the reply. We have multiple sites and could really use a Master Schedule Admin Tool.