Desktop Content Explorer display server name

Is there a setting to display which server/port we are using when editing content?

We have multiple instances of Percussion and its impossible to know which environment you are editing?

Hi Kenneth,

With the latest 7.3.2 patch and the pending 7.3.0 patch the server name is added to the DCE window title.  The DCE has also been updated to load the login banner, which could be customized on the server to display a different logo or style per server.


regardless of version (at least going back to pre v7 (6.8 I think), have a look at bannerpage.xsl in /Rhythmyx/sys_cx
We have added not only a text reference to the server name, and whether its prod, pre-prod, dev etc, and also info such as (if not prod) when the data was last copied down from prod and a search box to our sandbox/wiki site results.
Also have a look at Rhythmyx/sys_resources/images/banner_bkgd.jpg - this is an image that sits behind the above text, and we use this to display our logo instead (and at one time we also did season greetings in this image - Happy Xmas etc :)).
You can also heavily edit the login page itself to display similar info - we include an iframe to hints and tips, and a yammer feed (specific to our CMS) - \AppServer\server\rx\deploy\rxapp.ear\rxapp.war/rxlogin.jsp is your friend here!