Delete Template

When I click the X in the upper right hand corner of a template, it will ask me if I want to delete it. I click yes but I’m then prompted with a message of “Template ‘’ cannot be deleted because it is being used by one or more pages.”

When I look at the items associated to it, it is 0. I’m not sure why it won’t let me delete the template page.

I’m guessing that the Template List page shows that this Template is not used by any pages? Also, is this template specific to any special page like a blog?

Yes and no it’s not being used. I’m still in the development stage right now.


It appears that if a page is using a template, and then you use the change template feature to switch the page over to another template, CM1 doesn’t fully clear that page from the template’s record. This might be what’s happening in your case. So, even if the page doesn’t appear as though it’s using the template through the design view, it will still prevent you from deleting the template. The only workaround I’ve found for this is to make a copy of the page in question and then delete the original. This will then allow you to delete the template. Of course, if more than one page had been using the template then you will need to follow this step for all of those pages.

Obviously this is a bug and I intend to file this in our internal bug tracking system.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Matt.


One important note to keep in mind for the workaround is that if any of the pages in question are section landing pages, then copying them and deleting the original won’t be an option, as you are required to delete a whole section in order to delete its landing page. Engineering is currently looking into this issue.

Another caveat with the workaround is that any managed links (links created through a Rich Text widget, for instance) pointing to the original page or pages which have to be copied and deleted will have to be updated to point to the new copy of the respective page.

A fix for this bug is planned for CM1 2.8. The issue was caused because when you change a page from one template to another, older revisions of the page (accessible though View > Revisions from a page open in the editor) might still be using the original template. Therefore, even though a template can have no current pages listed as using it in Design view, older revisions of the page might still be using the template, causing the error message. In 2.8, when you delete a template that no page’s current revision is using, all older revisions will automatically switch over to the new template, and then old template will proceed to delete without issue.

Hi Nathaniel,

I’m having the same issue. I have 4 templates that say they are not being used by any pages and I can’t delete them.

Do you have any other suggestions to as how to fix this? I’ve included a screen shot.

Hi Alexis,

Can you tell me what version of CM1 you are running (to check, click the question mark in the upper right corner of the UI, then About)? This was a bug that was resolved in CM1 2.8, where even though no current revisions of your pages are using a template, older revisions still are (revisions don’t show up in the design manager, making it appear as though no pages are using the template). The only known workaround for versions below 2.8 would require you knowing all of the pages which originally used these templates, creating copies of these pages, and then deleting the original pages (and in turn, deleting the saved older revisions that are still using the template).

If this is a problem you are encountering with four templates, I’m going to guess that the effort it would take to track down all of the pages that once used these templates would be simply unfeasible. If that’s the case, an upgrade to 2.8 would be your next option.

We are currently running

Version 2.7.0 Build 201207R01 (21)

Thank you,
Alexis Karlin

Ok, so you will not have the fix I mentioned for this issue, which is only in CM1 2.8. I did notice in your screenshot that the template in question appears to be a test template. Do you know how many pages had been using these templates? Were some of them switched to other templates? As I indicated, the only way to resolve this, short of upgrading to 2.8, would be to track down any pages that had once used these templates and delete them (of course, creating copies of any pages that you intend to preserve).

Also make sure they weren’t used for Blogs at some point, with no pages created in the blog using them.

A test template? I’m not sure what you mean by that. Unfortunately no I don’t know since it doesn’t say if any are using the template since I switched them all over to a new template. In the screenshot it’s the template all the way on the left.

I only said test template because of your naming convention “Z-Do-Not-Use”. Sounds like what I would name a template I had created for testing. :slight_smile:

Yes, I was afraid that it would be the case that you would simply be unable to locate all of the pages that might have once used these templates. Assuming no Blogs are using these templates as Daved mentioned, unfortunately the only other way to get rid of these templates would be to upgrade to 2.8.

Ahhh okay. I put it as Z-Do-Not-Use so it’s at the end of the list so it doesn’t get in the way of the others. That’s what I did with all the other ones I can’t get rid of.

Alright, I’ll ask IT if they are able to do the upgrade soon. Thank you.

Ah, I see. Please keep us posted on how you make out with this.

i’m having the same issue(s) and i’m using Version 3.4.4 Build 201312R16 (0)

Hey JD,

In your case, this appears to be due to the fact that your template still has a page assigned to it, “content-leftsidebar”, which is listed under the template’s thumbnail icon. Deleting or dragging this page over to another template should free you up to delete the template. Let me know if you’re still unable to delete the template once there are no pages associated with it.