default reminder date


Has anyone managed to set a default reminder date? e.g. from date of creation the reminder date would be three months for a content item.



Have you tried the User Defined Function of sys_DateAdjust?

I have need of this same thing, and I guess I am not quite understanding what exactly I need to do to make this happen.

I need to take sys_contentstartdate, copy it to sys_contentexpirydate, but set that date one year ahead.

My first instinct was to use sys_CopyParameter in the pre-processing, but after looking on here for how to manipulate the date, I see sys_DateAdjust is how I need to change it, and that seems to only be available in the Default Value portion, which makes a certain amount of sense.

The problem that I am now running in to is how to set the date field of DateAdjust without typing an explicit date in. I thought something like

sys_DateAdjust(sys_DateFormat(yyyy-MM-dd, ), 1, , , , , )

would work, but it seems that the functions treat all values as literal, which means it doesn’t understand the date I am trying to enter.

Thoughts on how to get around this?

Right after I posted it, I realized that sys_DateFormat is blank where you are supposed to specify the date required. Trying the same thing on sys_DateAdjust works. So

sys_DateAdjust(, 1, , , , , )

is how it is done.

It might be helpful in the documentation if it mentions that leaving the date field blank in these types of functions makes it use the current date and time. It would be even better if the functions could handle non-literal strings, so that you could nest functions.

Need some help. My original problem…

I need to take sys_contentstartdate, copy it to sys_contentexpirydate, but set that date one year ahead.

sys_DateAdjust can change the date, but it doesn’t take variables as the date, so when contentstartdate changes, contentexpirydate stays to what ever it was originally set to.

sys_CopyParameter in Pre-Processing works to grab the date from contentstartdate, but there appears to be no way to modify that date.

Basically, I have the two pieces I need, but absolutely no way to put them together.

Params for sys_DateAdjust are not limited to literals. You need to do the following:

  1. Go to Window->Preferences->Rhythmyx and check “Show legacy interfaces…”. Restart the WB.
  2. Assuming you want to do this for a particular ctype, edit the sys_contentexpierydate field and open the Field Input Transform editor.
  3. Choose the sys_DateAdjust extension and click the … button to launch the param editor.
  4. Double-click the value cell for the date param. Click the … button on the right of the cell to launch the Value Selector dialog.
  5. Choose ‘Single HTML Parameter’ from the drop list and type sys_contentstartdate in the value field.
  6. Close all dialogs using OK.
  7. Restart the editor.

You may also want to do a similar thing for the Default value of the expiry field (except leave the date value blank to get the current date) so that the user sees the correct value. You may also want to make the field read only since if the user types in anything, it will be overwritten.

Perfect. Just out of curiousity, why are these things hidden behind the “Show legacy interaces” option?

When we developed v6, we added marker interfaces appropriate for each extension point in the content editor. We only applied these interfaces to those exits that we thought made sense for the content editor function. This reduced the ‘clutter’ in each extension point list because all the inappropriate exits were no longer present.
Generally, the field input/output transforms are designed to work on the data from the current field. So, it didn’t make sense to have an adjust date function on an input field.
I’ve submitted a bug requesting it be added.