DCE closing when uploading file

We are testing an upgrade to 7.3.2 and have come across an issue with the DCE when trying to create content types that use a file upload field. The following error is being displayed:

2018-07-19 14:06:39,493 WARN (SwingWorker-pool-6-thread-1) [JavaUtils(isAttachmentSupported:1305)] Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler and javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart). Attachment support is disabled.

Has anyone come across this and know of a fix?

We just upgraded to the latest patch and are experiencing this issue as well. I haven’t heard about a fix.

hello - i have a call with percussion today to look at issue - it is thought that there are jar files missing but i have compared from working instance and copied across but still no luck. I will update if i get it fixed.

Hi, Lisa.

I updated my computer to the latest JRE version (version 8, update 181), and that has stopped the DCE from crashing. I’m on the latest Rhythmyx patch (732_20180608). The Preview File link within the DCE edit screen doesn’t work, but that’s fairly minor compared to the crashing.


Can you confirm if the content type is using the sys_File field type or is it the sys_HashedFile field? Also it would be good to get the DCE log and the server.log after the error occurs on the support ticket as well as operating system and JRE version.

Testing on the 181 update on a patched instance I have been able to upload to both sys_File and sys_HashedFile fields without any crashing. This is using a mac to run DCE.


Hi, Nate.

We’re using the sys_HashedFile field. Updating Java 8 from 171 to 181 fixed the issue for me.

Confirming that updating JRE to latest JRE8u181 addresses this issue.