Database views : cloning environment

Related info, but not the same issue:

When our development cycle reaches a milestone (about every 2 months) we like to clone our live environment to our dev environment. In doing this, we take the standard steps of cloning the database, changing references in the files, and of course changing port numbers for search. However, the views in the database have some hard coded references to the database name that need changing.

An example would be:

My question is: can I remove the database name making the reference relative to whatever database the view is in, like:

Will this cause any problems? Fixing this would remove one step from our replication process, and would make our DBAs much happier that “those meddling kids” weren’t logging into the database to make manual changes.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Removing the schema name shouldn’t cause any problems as long as you have a specific Rx user set up for the database. We get rid of the schema in the views as soon as we import customer databases here in TS and there are no problems.