Custom Widget Builder - No Resources But CM1 still creates blank resource files

I’m creating some custom widgets that don’t require any JavaScript or CSS resources (they actually do, but these custom widgets are template dependent so I include their resources in with the template directly). I won’t be using these widgets indepdent of my template.

But even though I did not select any resources via the Resources Tab under the Widget Builder, it’s still creating and adding links to the widget’s css and js files in the HTML?

It’s like you guys are creating blank CSS and blank JS files no matter what for any custom widget and including them in the rendered HTML… Shouldn’t you guys be testing to see if any resources are attached for the widget? If no resources are attached, don’t generate the link tags for empty files…

Paul, Thanks for flagging this. There is a css file we add for preview that is not part of the published page. It’s used to display the empty widget icon in edit mode. This file will continue to be here.

In addition, there is a javascript file reference that is added to force jquery as a system dependency to load before the web_resources files. We did this because we were testing a jquery dependent widget, and this was the only way we had to force the jquery import in the right spot. This has been logged as a bug for us to resolve.