Custom page title widget render error - says "Local Content - 1002"

We’ve added a custom widget using the widget builder with the purpose of providing users with a simple textbox they they can edit in order to provide a title for the page.

The widget itself works when they save it, but when they edit it, instead of displaying the title, instead it displays an obscure message like Local Content - 1002"

See attached picture for visual of the issue.

Note: This didn’t seem to be an error in version 3.2.4
Edit: Sorry, forgot to add that we are now on version 3.3.4

Hi Glen,

Have you made any changes and redeployed this Custom Widget since upgrading? Do you still encounter this behavior if you add this widget to a new page / template, or does the problem only appear on pages that had the widget added prior to the upgrade?

We have recreated the widget from scratch in the new version.

I tried copying a page that had the widget assigned, and it still says LocalContent (although the number at the end it change in the copied version).

However, on thinking about it, on the previous version we had the widget applied on the page level. But, on the new version we have moved the widget to the template level.

Here is a screenshot of what the widget looks like - all very simple.

Hi Glen,

We are having trouble recreating this issue on our end. We have tried different tests to see what might be causing this issue and found nothing. We have some other ideas and we would like for you to try your Custom Title Widget on a new template and see how it works.

Could you also send us a link of the live page with this issue and a link to the test page using the new template wit the custom widget?

Thank you,

Please note that the text I add is saved correctly, and displays correctly. The problem is when a user edits the widget, it doesn’t retain the value that is in there, but switches it back to the Local Content text (each time it is edited). Granted, a user can work around this, however, it is not very user friendly, and would be nice to have fixed.

So, I created a new Plain (non-responsive) template, and added our custom widget to it on the template level. I then created a new page using the plain template. And when I tried to edit it, it had the exact same issue as the other template.

Based on the above, there isn’t really a live site link I can show you, (also FYI we are dealing with support about a license issue, so there aren’t any live sites yet). However, I can grant you access to the CMS if you want to take a look at it there. (If so, give me an email address to send access information to). Or, if you want, I can send you our log file(s).

Glen, got it, thanks. I’m going to open a support ticket for this issue so that we can take a closer look into what’s going on here (check your logs files, access your system, etc.). Please check your inbox in just a moment.

It appears that this issue is due to naming the custom widget PageTitle which conflicts with an internal name. Creating a new widget with a different name has resolved the issue for us.

Hey Glen, thanks for posting the update! To tie off the knot here for the rest of our community, we’re treating this as a bug and expect to have a fix in an upcoming release.