Custom Menus

I think it would be great to create multiple custom menus. The ability to select folders and/or pages, then assign them to a menu that manages the links would be great. We don’t always want all the folders/pages to have to be part of the main nav structure (e.g. not every page is a ‘section’). Hiding nav items with CSS is a bit of a hack. Rather, having the ability to create multiple menus (main nav, sidebar nav, footer nav) that can be placed throughout the site in a variety of places would really up the level of the templating.


Great to hear from you, and you asked a great question. Using the “navigation widget” is an extremely quick way to create a dynamic navigation. However, as you noted, sometimes its helpful to also display dynamic listings of other pages/folders.

Have you tried the “page auto-list” widget? This widget would allow you to display a dynamic listing of links, and its how I have typically created side/footer navigation in the past.


Let me know if this helps, and/or if I can help answer any other questions for you.


In WordPress, you have the ability to create more than one Menus (header nav, footer nav, sidebar nav, etc.)

It would be nice to have multi-navigation not only for header nav but for footer nav and sidebar nav. Example, in Navigation page in Percussion, should provide tabbed nav such as “header nav”, “footer nav”, “sidebar nav” and “add new nav”. Is this possible?

I decided to create another topic b/c I don’t think my question is related to this. Sorry about the confusion!