Cursor Jumps around in the rich text widget

In the rich text widget the cursor jumps around which causes mistakes in the spelling of words


Can you give us some more detail as to the circumstances which lead to this behavior? First, what browser are you using, and have you encountered this issue in multiple browsers (check the bottom of this help doc for a list of officially supported browsers:…)? Additionally, do you typically experience this issue with rich text widgets that are heavy in content, or does the amount of content in the widget seem to make no difference? Lastly, does the cursor jump to one particular point (for instance, the end or the beginning of the editor), or does this seem to be random?


I am using Firefox and I have also encountered this problem with Google Chrome. I only experience this with rich text widget and it doesnt matter the size of the content. It jumps randomly to other words. I think I mentioned this to someone and they said it may be a timing issue with the spell checker and that the engineer team needs to know about it.

I have seen this behavior before and it is typically related to the spell checker functionality of the rich text editors. Most of them use a time out on the typing to avoid checking your paragraphs on every keystroke and, if you catch the timing right, the cursor will jump to the end of a completed word. If you misspell a word at the start of the word and go back to correct, you can reproduce this behavior sometimes as well.

Are there other people experiencing this?

It seems you might be able to reproduce this as well by clicking into an already typed paragraph and typing additional words. As you approach existing words, the cursor might jump to the end of the combined word.

I experience this issue as well while working in Firefox and in Chrome.

Does anyone else experience this behavior?

I’ve had this issue happen a lot recently using Rich Text. When I copy and past text in then try to change a paragraph it jumps to the next paragraph. Really strange.

Hi Alexis,

This is a known issue and we are currently targeting a fix for it in our next public release.

I just wanted to let all customers affected by this issue with the Rich Text editor know that the cause of this issue was identified, and a fix is available in CM1 versions 2.10 and later.