Creating image via widget builder issue

I noticed that Auto Generate added the img ending tag which is only for xHTML. Not required for HTML and beyond.

![$foo_alt_text]($foo_path "$foo\_title")


Does the images that your adding have a .img extension on them?

Sorry I wasn’t clear on this. What I was saying that there’s ending tag which is deprecated.


You can modify the html that your custom widget creates by modifying the content in the “Display” Tab.

simply change

 ![$foo_alt_text]($foo_path "$foo\_title")   


 ![$foo_alt_text]($foo_path "$foo\_title")   

Click “Save.”

Last click on “Deploy” to redeploy the changes you’ve saved.

I understand what you mean by that but I was saying that it would save me (and everyone’s time) if the ending img tag was removed on the next software update :slight_smile:

Oh so you were making a suggestion. Gotcha!

You are correct using the end IMG tag “” is deprecated. I’ll change this to an Idea thread.

Awesome :smiley: I wasn’t sure if it was an idea or problem but thanks!!