Creating 404 error page

I published a 404 error page to the same directory as the home page. I tried naming it error per the tutorial and error.html. I can display it on the server, but it does not replace the default page.

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Hi Alanda,

The tutorial you referenced covers setting this up when publishing to a standalone DTS Tomcat web server. If you’re using a front-end web server other than the DTS Tomcat (such as Apache or IIS), you’ll need to talk to your server admins and have them configure your server so that 404 Not Found error messages reroute the site visitor to the error page you have created and published in CM1.

Thanks. The reroute worked.

Looks good! Glad I could help.


I’m interested in create a 404 Error page, any chance you could share the link to the tutorial that shows how to do this?



Hi Brian,

Sure thing:…

Edit: I have corrected the error in the doc.

Does this error page also apply when the DTS server is down? We’ve made one at error.html on the root of Percussion. It shows up nicely when a broken link URL is entered. But when the DTS server is down, we get a 404 status error. Any way to have a placeholder page for that as well?

Hi Matt,

If I recall, you’re currently using apache as your webserver while your DTS tomcat is turned down. You can setup a path to your custom error page in your Apache configuration as well. Here is a link to some approaches on how to do that:…

Great! Thanks!