Create new page email

I’m attempting to send a notification email after a new content item is initially created. To achieve this a new aging transition was added to the Draft state with the following configuration:

Label: Inform Admin
Description: Inform Admin
Trigger: Inform Admin
From State: Draft
To State: Draft
Workflow Action: None
Aging Type: Absolute
Aging Interval: 1
System Field: <Blank>

And then a notification email was assigned to this aging transition which has:
State Role Recipients Type: No State Role Recipients
Additional Recipient List: []

However no email is being sent after the aging interval has elapsed (and the polling agent has run). All Notify options on the assigned roles in the workflow are set to notify = yes but that shouldn’t impact this as the notification email just goes to the one address in the Additional Recipient List.

I tried adding the same aging notification to the Review state and that worked ok but it doesn’t seem to action it in draft?

Any ideas if this is possible? If it is not possible using the initial Draft state in workflow could an Extension be used in Post_Processing such as SendNotifications?

On further investigation when a new folder is created and a navon is automatically created by the rxserver user this works and the email is sent. There is also an additional audit trail row on the navon content item which relates to the transition trigger InformAdmin.

Creating a NavOn manually did not work either. Is there something that Rhythmyx does when creating a navon under the rxserver user that does not happen when another user creates a content item?

If the content item is checked in the notification email gets sent which is why the automatically created navon worked because it gets checked in by the rxserver user.

Is there a way to either bypass this mechanism i.e. send the notification without checking in or automatically check in the content item the first time it is created in the same way the automatically created navon does?


This is probably not the right approach to what you are doing. What you have set up would constantly Transition the new Content Item every millisecond, spamming e-mail out constantly.

Given the way you are defining recipients (iusing a specific e-mail address rather than a Role to define the recipients), a better approach would be to add a Result Document Processor (“post-exit”) to your Content Editor to generate the e-mail when the Content Item is created.


Thanks Richard,

We implemented a Result Document Processor that checked the DBActionType and if that was set to INSERT an email is sent to the email address(es) provided as a parameter to the extension.

We also had to add the SMTP host as a parameter - Is there a function that would get that from the workflow properties files? I’ve hunted around but couldn’t find one.


Percussion CMS has no such public function.