Create new mobile site

We are in the process of setting up a new mobile site for one of our existing site. The content is different for the full site and the mobile site. From design, I think we have 2 options. Either we can setup the mobile site as its own standalone percussion site. So as a separate site, it can have its own percussion site, own editions, dns like etc.

Or the second option is to setup it as a subfolder under the existing site. So it will be a subsite instead of being a site of its own. Is there any pros/cons of setting the mobile site as its own site as compared to setting it up as a microsite under the full site?



We have started to use “standalone Sites” for cases where a site does not fit into our existing site’s structure (global template, templates, content types, location contexts, etc…). Thus far we haven’t encountered many obstacles with this route aside from “Community Visibility” configuration.

If the content is different, then a standalone site in the same community seems like the logical solution…

Thanks Jitendra and Riley for your input.
As far as publishing the site, do you have any preference to publish the site in its own new subdomain like ( as compared to publishing it as (

We follow for pretty much all our sites…