Copy Site Subfolder Wizard and Target Communities

When Using the “Copy Site Subfolder” Wizard we are supposed to be able to choose the target community for the copied content (around step 5). We have 3 different systems (dev, pprd, prod) and the allowable target communities on each system is different (even though there are several common communities in each system).

What decides what is an allowable target community for this wizard? How do we set it so that we can copy content and target any community with it?


Using Rx 6.5

This is not configurable directly, only indirectly. Only those communities whose visible content types are a superset of the visible content types in the source community are allowed.
Therefore, you must have different content type visibility settings on the different systems you mention.

Right, i thought about the same thing (that this must be how it works). But then i tried creating the same content type in two different communities and at that point when i tried to move those, depending on the community i was currently in, it had different choices for the target…Very weird…

In our production instance, 6.5.2, two sites, both with the same content type available to them. When I try to use the Copy Site Subfolder Wizard, I am only offered the Community that originated the content.

From the use of the word “superset,” it sounds like you’re saying that site #2 must have, at least, all the content types available to it that are also available to site #1.

I’m just looking for confirmation.

That is correct.