Copy item into new community

When copying a content item, is it always created in the same community that it started in? Any way to alter this? I guess if it’s copied as link, you aren’t really creating a new copy anyway, so maybe this wouldn’t make sense. But if you copy as new item, can you change the community?


Content Explorer Folders are not physical folders like an operating system directory. They are virtual locations, linked to the Content Items by a Folder Relationship. Thus, when you use Paste > As Link, you are not actually copying the Content Item. You are creating a new Relationship between the Content Item and a different Folder. Since it is the same Content Item in both Relationships, it is naturally in the same Community in both locations.

When you use Paste > As New Copy, you do in fact create a new Content Item, and the new Content Item is created in the Community of the user creating the copy. For example, suppose I log into the EI Community as admin1 and create a new Content Item (“Test”). I log out, log in again as admin2 in the CI Community, copy “Test” and Paste > As New Copy to the CI Site. The new Content Item, “Copy of Test”, will be in the CI Community.