Copy an asset through the finder

When under /Sites/, the gear icon is enabled and I can create a copy of that index page. (which is automatically placed in the same folder [/Sites/]

When under /Assets/folder/asset1 the gear icon is disabled, and I don’t have an easy way to copy asset1 and create asset 2. (Yes, I know I can open asset1, copy all the details out of it, create new asset named asset2, paste, save)

In one implementation I’m working on, we’ve laid out a complicated structure (with specific divs, classes, etc) with sample content. I would like to be able to easily copy the sample and replace the content as needed within an asset. I’d like to avoid the multi-step process defined in paragraph #2.

Any thoughts? Or any future features upcoming on copying assets?


As far as I know, the process you mentioned (of copying out an asset’s content into a newly created asset) is currently the easiest way to go about doing this. I agree that the ability to copy assets the same way you can now copy pages would be a very useful feature. It might not be a bad idea to switch this post to the “Idea” topic type to see if it gains much traction from other users.


I’m in favor of making it an idea. (I don’t have the ability – or if I do I don’t have the knowledge – to do so)

screenshot of gear icon being disabled while having an asset selected (for the visual learners among us, myself included):

Ok, I’ve switched this over to the Idea topic type and edited your subject title to reflect that (feel free to further edit the subject title into your own words, however you like).

we definitely need a copy/duplicate asset feature as well.

If copying an asset is as simple as that, then making the copy function available through the gear icon shouldn’t be too hard. :wink:

I would like to see this as well. I have a custom slider widget that I have made into a shared asset. There are a lot of fields to fill out in this widget and I want to copy the one I have, rename it and then just change out 1 or 2 slides.

Copying assets would be great!

ditto here. also want a move function. I’ve elaborated here: