Convert folder and links issues

When I selected a folder to convert into nav folder system, the existing links in the Rich Text Editor pages (any pages anywhere on the site) no longer work. I had to manually update it. Is there a way that it will automatically update links all at once?

I hope I make sense.

So any link pointing to the page that was converted to a landing page is now broken? If that’s the case, that is definitely a defect. Can you please confirm that I understood the problem correctly?

Yes, correct. I’d be happy to do screen recording if you want me to


I tested this and don’t see this issue. Here are the steps I follow

  1. Open page (123.htm), open rich text widget, highlight text and insert managed link in page (abc.htm). Preview to validate it works. 
  2. Open navigation. Convert folder to section. Select ABC.htm as the landing page
  3. Open 123.htm, preview it. Validate that link to abc.htm works. 

I tried selecting landing pages named “index” as well as pages named something other than index.

Are these the steps you performed? If not, can you list the steps you performed?  


It seems to be working fine after I re-create exactly what happened. I am not sure what happened the first time. That was rather strange.

This time I created a page outside of folder and one inside folder beside index. After converting to nav folder, both pages linking to index are working properly.

We are good. You can remove this post if you want. Thank you!