Content Inheritance by Levels

It’s my understanding that you can add regions and content at the Template Design level, and such added content gets locked down so those Contributors editing pages cannot edit the content/regions that were added at the Template level.

I wish this could be taken further and allow for a more hierarchical / inheritable level of content addition (with a trickle down effect) and lock down.

For example, say I have a Site with 3 Levels like the following:

L1. Site Root/Home

  • L2. ABC Section
  • L3. 123 Section
  • L2. DEF Section
  • L3. 456 Section

So I go design a single Template that I assign to the entire Site and its sections. I would like then to be able to go in to the Template at Level 2 section for the ABC Section, add specific content , and have anything added get trickled down to its children sections (those using the same template) (and have this content be locked for editing at the children sections).

Right now If I add content to a Level 2 sections, it does not then get added to the pages of its children sections, because I’m adding it to the page, not the template. So it’d be like extending the Template to be editing on a level basis instead of just globally as it is now.

Why do I need this? Our setup is one like the following;

L1 District Site

  • L2 School Site
  • L3 Teacher Site

We want to be able to control specific content at the District level, then allow Schools to add their own unique content at the School Level (but not allow teachers to edit this content) and finally allow teachers to add their own unique content at the Teacher level. And have any children sections automatically inherit the content added to their parent sections. Like a School may want to add their School Name and/or Banner to just their page and have it automatically get inherited by all of the teacher sections/pages underneath it.

And yes, I know we could create a separate template PER school, but we have close to 100 schools in our district. on top of that it would mean if I then needed to make a “District level” change to the template, I’d have to make the same change to the 100+ School templates. This just is not realistically manageable.

I hope others chime in and would like such a thing. but I’m not holding my breathe considering I’m sure at this point that my employer is probably the biggest customer CM1 has ever had. Much of what we need, the majority of CM1 customers probably do not.