Confusion error message for Upload button

I finally disabled the “Upload” button from Image window dialog (from default workflow). However, the error message is too confusing.

This is what it said: An error occurred while pre-processing the request submitted by the host (-not available-). An exception occurred while processing the “Java/global/percussion/workflow/sys_wfAuthenticateUser” extension: User is not authorized to create this type of content.

So it should be “Sorry, you are not authorized to upload any images” blah blah something like that.


How did you disable the upload button Aaron? If I may ask.

I really didn’t disabled it but I made sure to uncheck in Default Workflow folder. That way, they won’t be able to upload to general folder but only to their assigned folder. The upload button will be there but when they clicked it, it will bring that error message.

I hope I make sense.

Yep, got it.