Confusing "Delete Page" dialog

RE: “Click ‘OK’ to save your changes before deleting the page.” - It said click ‘OK’ but there is no ‘OK’ button anywhere. I think this is confusing to save it before trash it.

So how about this: Are you sure you want to delete ‘all-num’? There is no undo. (unless if you have recycle bin to recover the delete file then no need to mention “undo”)

“Cancel” “Delete” instead of three buttons…

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for spotting this, I’ll check with Product Management to see how the design of this should be working and let you know what changes we decide on.



Can you tell me the steps that you are following when you get this dialog? When I’m editing a page, and I click the delete button in the finder, I get a different dialog than the one you captured. I need the steps you followed in order to get to this dialog box.


I will try to reproduce this but it’s been two weeks. I am pretty sure there’s a string message somewhere in the backend of CM1 for “In order to delete this page, the page currently being edited must be saved…”

Looks like this was resolved in the 4.5 release of CM1 - please let me know if you have any other questions.