Configuring LDAP-style connections to an Oracle RAC


The database for our new production pilot is now being hosted by sysadmins in another dept who have given me LDAP-style connection parameters for their Oracle database.

The service name is RXD.

Doing a tnsping rxd

yields this info (where host1 and host2 are the nodes of the 10g RAC):


I have tried plugging this into several differently formatted rx-ds.xml files to no avail so far. Can you give me the required format for making a connection to an LDAP style connection-url?

In other words what should be in the connection-url section in a case like this?

More information here:

apparently this is the preferred JDBC thin client connection string:


This works just fine in Oracle SQL developer but I am having trouble making it work by specifying it in rx-ds.xml.

We use:




Thanks Andrew.

In this case my problem was not the connection string but a corrupted Rhythmyx tree. I restored from backup and it worked fine when I reconfigured the rx-ds.xml and server-beans.xml.