Configure CM1 Server IP in Email Notification


I think it’s easier to describe our architecture first before I throw the question. Due to security reasons, our Percussion CM1 is installed on a server that is behind firewalls. This server has an internal IP, which cannot be accessed by public users. In order for public users to access Percussion, we created a public IP on the gateway and mapped this public IP with the internal IP. In this way, users are able to access Percussion using the public IP.

Here comes the question. When Percussion sends out email notification, the link in the email uses the internal IP. Is it possible to modify that IP address in the link?

Zhao and I both support the same client and website and this is an issue that’s preventing our workflow management to work properly. We have enabled the email notifications but are unable to access the associated link.

Also, is it possible to globally change or customize the FROM email address on these notifications? The current setting is creating a spam filter issue and I just need to explore our options.


Hi Zhao and Debbie,

The root host or IP address in that notification link should be drawn from the host or IP address that the user who triggered the notification had been connected to the CMS using. For instance, if your contributor connects over http://cms-bah:9992, the root domain in the notification email will be http://cms-bah:9992.

The FROM email address is also pulled from the user who triggered the notification email. If this particular user has an email address associated with their Percussion account, that will be used as the FROM address. Otherwise, the FROM address will be their CMS username @ the MAIL_DOMAIN defined in your file (located at \rxconfig\Workflow). E.g. “”.

Let me know if this clears things up.


We connected Percussion via public facing IP address but the root domain in the email notification displayed internal IP address. It is possible that after some network routing Percussion treat the request as it was aim to connect to the internal IP. If that’s the case, we would love to have the ability to configure the root dmain in the email notification. If that’s not currently available, do you think you can add this as a change request in the future?

As for the FROM email address? Is it possible to force the system to use username@MAIL_DOMAIN as the FROM address even though there has already been a email address associated with that user?

Hi Zhao,

The answer to both of your questions, unfortunately, is that this is not currently possible. In each case, if you could start new topics of the “Idea” type requesting these abilities, that would put the feature requests on our product management team’s radar.

Can you clarify what your network topology looks like? I’m wondering if there may be alternatives that would work with how our system builds those notification URLs.

Sure. We use a public facing Apache server as a proxy and forward any request that matches Percussion URL pattern to the internal Percussion server. For example, assume our domain is and internal address for Percussion server is http://internal:9992. When users try to access Percussion through address, Apache forwards the request from to http://internal:9992/cm.

So, even though the original request is on the public domain, the actual request made to Percussion server is on the internal address.


Okay, thanks for clarifying that. I discussed this with the team, and they confirmed that the behavior I outlined above is the intended behavior of the product, even though I see how this would cause issues if you’re accessing the application through a server proxy. Again, please post an “Idea” topic on this forum requesting an enhancement to the product that would allow admins to override this default behavior. Thanks!