Configuration of the translation

We are using the translation feature to translate our item from French to English. We want the item to be translate but we don’t want all the related item to be translate as well. Is there’s a way to configure the translation so that only the item we want to translate get translated ?




You would change the Cloning property of the Active Assembly Relationship configuration from Deep Cloning to Shallow Cloning. (If you are using the AA-Mandatory Relationship, you would change the property on that Relationship.) For more explanation, see Implementing the Relationship Engine.

The Relationship Engine is rather complex. Definitely back up your system before modifying these configurations. You might also want to work with Tech Support so you can recover from any errors that may occur when modifying Relationship configurations.


I should add one other bit of advice here.

If you have system where you want SOME of the related items translated, you’ll need to configure your slots to use different relationships.

As you probably know, you can create new relationships (within the Active Assembly relationship category) and use these relationships in slots. You can then configure the “deep” and “shallow” cloning conditionals in these relationships to determine which content is cloned.

As Bob says, this is rather complex, and it’s best to take a good long look at the documentation before you start.


Thanks everyone. I read the documentation and did as you suggested and it does exactly what I wanted.