Comment Archives for Assets Location?

I love the new comment boxes but where are the comment archives for Assets? I don’t see it under Revisions.

Hi Debbie

To see all the comments for a page look under View > Comments

You can find this information on our help site at

I saw the video and really liked it but does this mean if I add a comment to an Asset file, such as this one: /Assets/mainpage/meetNSU/meet-nsu-box - that the comments I place will display under the View > Comments on the page this Asset is attached to?

What if it is attached to more than one page?

[I"ll watch the video again, I just did this but am not seeing the comment on the page the asset is attached to].

Thankies :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie,

I believe the comments left on an asset can be found while editing the asset in the Assets library. Asset Comments are separate and only viewed from the Asset. Page comments are viewed from the page.

That is what I noticed but I left some comments on a few Assets I approved and went back to get the information off one but am not finding where they are archived.

On pages, I see the comment archive under the View but I don’t see a location for the Assets.