CM1 Version 2.7 Now Available for Download!

Just as new and fresh content is vital to web and content marketing success, so is the ability to easily update and change your website structure and design. The new features and enhancements in CM1 2.7 make it easier than ever to manage, edit and change templates, manage shared assets, and control navigation styles.

Template Design and Editing Enhancements
• Ability to switch the template used by an existing page
• Edit a template directly from a page and view page contents while editing the template Display all pages associated with each template with the new Design Manager

Smart Content
Promoting page level content to template level content, promoting local content to a Shared Asset, Named Widgets, and the Unused Asset Tray

Other Enhancements
• Asset Site Impact
• Improved HTML5 Support
• Navigation Class Name
• Blog Wizard - Apply Existing Template Option
• Workflow - Apply Bulk Changes

To view the full list of enhancements, click here