CM1 not updating new PDF version


I am trying to update a PDF file but CM1 does not recognize the new PDF in any sort of way. I’ve tried:

  1. Naming the new PDF the exact same as the file I want to replace, then previewing it only to have it preview the old version.
  2. Pressing “Save” many times.
  3. Naming it differently, try to preview it and it only shows me the old version.
  4. Publishing, even though it never showed me the new version in “Preview”. The published asset is the old version still.

Is there any bugs that have been reported with the latest version of Percussion that we are on?


Just an update:

This problem only happens when in Chrome. I was able to update in FireFox without issues.


Hi Sarah,

There has been one reported bug with updating files. This issue usually occurs when trying to upload large files but first I want to make sure your doing this correctly.

Make sure you are:

  1. browsing to the asset in the assets folder
  2. clicking edit
  3. click “Choose file”, than browse to the new file your trying to upload.
  4. click Save
  5. Publish/submit *save before this step or it will not work*

If you are doing correct and it still is not working the file may be too big.
In that case you’ll need to delete the asset and re upload the new file

This issue will be fixed in our new 3.3 release.