CM1 needs a social media widget

I’d like to see Percussion provide a simple to use social media linking widget such as is seen with WordPress.

The widget should provide an easy to fill out properties form something like the figure below (which populates the widget automatically with the users preferred link text, social media site URL, and icons):


I think it would make a lot of sense to revamp our existing Share This widget with the features you have outlined. Thanks for sharing!

Hopefully this would be fairly easy to develop. Right now, most enterprises certainly use Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook has a jquery plugin and HTML method that is pretty easy to use while LinkedIn has one that is not very well explained so it is harder to use with CM1. It would be nice to simply bypass the site specific process and use one built into CM1 directly. Thanks for passing this idea along.

Dan, I like your idea.

Nathaniel, rather than seeing it added to the Share This widget, I’d like to see the actual social icons since that draws more attention, and you could use a form similar to the one Dan provided to populate the social icons you wanted.

Any update on this?

+1 What Diane said

I personally would rather see CM1 development time spent elsewhere… social media buttons are seeing low usage these days and many are seriously questioning and/or removing them from their sites.

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Rather than deliver this functionality as an “out of the box” widget, we recommend using Widget Builder for this purpose. Since not every customer will want to use the same social media outlets (and since they change so fast), we feel that this a better solution in that it gives our customers the flexibility to configure their own widget.